Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Root Word DIC

“Dic” Words

The root words Dic/Dict are Latin roots which mean to say or declare. There are many ways this root word can be used, both good and bad! This is a root word everyone should know.

If you are like me you wonder what dictators have to do with speaking. After our lesson on DIC I found out that dictators use their words to gain power. In other words, they have very good elocution. Here is a story of one fiver year old rose to power.

Little Hitler
Little Hitler was a mean little dictator. He used his public speaking skills to sway the views of the other little boys and girls in daycare. He never had to share toys with others. For a five year old he had amazing diction. Whenever he spoke, he got his way. One day at snack time, little Hitler wanted an extra cookie and he knew just how to get it. He gave a powerful dictum when he announced that he would blow the classroom with his Tonka toys. He used big words when he spoke to his teacher. She was very confused and had to look up words in the dictionary. She was in shock when she read the definitions. She contradicted little Hitler’s words and made him very angry. She did not think a five year old was capable of blowing up anything, let alone with a Tonka toy. Hitler spoke a malediction thinking the teacher would be scared. To his surprise, it worked! She finally gave in and handed him an extra cookie. Little Hitler walked away with a smile upon his face. After snack he made a prediction that he could make anyone give in to his every command. From that moment on he vowed to never let anyone indict him. He knew he could always get his way. Later on that night, Hitler’s mom was tucking him in and saying benedictions. He cried and pleaded with her to let him stay up. He gave her an ultimatum. “Mommy, let me stay up till 10 or I’ll run away,” he said. From the look in her eyes he knew she was wrapped around his finger. Years later he applied the same techniques and persuaded millions of people. Instead of asking for a cookie he merely told people how they could solve all their problems. This eventually led to the Holocaust. This could have all been avoided if his teacher never gave him an extra cookie.

Dictator- a person exercising absolute power
Diction- quality of good speaking
Dictum- an authoritative saying or judicial order
Dictionary- a book containing a selection of words of a language
Contradicted- to assert the contrary or opposite of
Malediction- to utter a curse or slander
Prediction- the act of predicting
Indict- proclamation
Benediction- a blessing

By Shea :)


  1. The "Little Hitler" bit made me laugh xD 10/10

  2. You are very creative! Thanks for putting the meanings at the end of the story.