Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The root of BENE is from Latin and it means good and well.
Benefactor- It is a noun and the definition for this word is someone who gives benefits (an advantage or act of kindness).
University Schools has many benefactors who donate time and money.
Most of the benefactors are willing to raise money for the children who are struggling with their health problems.
Beneficial- It is an adjective and the meaning for this word is conferring benefits; advantageous; helpful.
The little boy was beneficial to an elderly woman by mowing her lawn.
Going to the tutoring center was beneficial because I can get help for my test.
Benevolent- Noun and meaning is a desire to do well to others.
The benevolence of the King won over his people because he gave them food.
The president gave everyone in the United States a benevolent speech so the American people will vote for him.
Benediction- Noun and meaning for this word is a blessing or an expression of good wishes.
Saying “bless you” when someone sneezes is a
On the Sundays, most preachers give a benediction on how God loves you.
Beneficiary- It is a noun and the meaning is someone who receives the benefits (advantages or act of kindness).
Our school is a beneficiary of benefactors who donate to the school.
My parents’ Will has my older brother as their beneficiary of their estate.
Benefit- Noun and the meaning is something that is advantageous or good; an advantage. She explained the benefits of public ownership of the postal system.
Some jobs have really good benefits like good insurance but the salary is not good enough for me.
Benedictory- This vocabulary is an adjective and the definition for this word is of, giving or expressing benediction.
Some people are benedictory who donate big money for some family that could not afford Christmas presents for their children.
The flowers at the funeral service represented benedictory toward the family that loss their family member.
Benedict- It is a noun and the meaning for this vocabulary is a newly married man, esp. one who has been long a bachelor.
Some benedicts struggle to keep their marriage going because they had been bachelors for so long time.
My brother-in-law was a benedict but now he is married to my sister.
Beneficent- This word is an adjective and the definition for this word is doing or promoting some good.
My father is a really good benefice person because he will buy one car for each of his five children.
Green Peace organization has proven that they are a benefice organization.
Benefactress- Noun and the definition is a female who confers a benefit, bequest, endowment, or the like.
My mom is a benefactress because she volunteered lots of her time at the church where my family has been going for years.
A benefactress within University Schools is Lori Pierce due to she donates quite a bit of her time for the students to become a successful individual in community.

Each meaning of the vocabulary was from dictionary.com.


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