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Greek Root Pan

Pan- Meaning all, everything
The reason that I picked this Greek root is because I have many interests in this Greek root. Just the word pan, which is the word I chose, is interesting because it holds so many fascinating words such as pandemic and Pangaea. I also chose this way to publish these words is because I tend to learn and understand words better with sentences and if the words are in a list so that it is easier read. As you will plainly see from the list that is about to be presented to you many of the words are dealing with the body and psychology due to the fact that both of the fields tend to use a lot of Latin and Greek terms. So this helps in the search of locating these words and being able to have an idea of what they mean.
Other Words
• Panangitis: (n) - Inflammation involving all the coats of a blood vessel.
Ex: The patient had a severe case of Panangitis due to his bad case of diabetes.
• Pananxiety: (n) - Mass hysteria.
• Ex: The crowd in the arena was in a state of pananxiety after the riot squad threw in several cans of tear gas.
• Pancarditis: (n) - Inflammation of all the structures of the heart.
Ex: Many people believe that they have pancarditis after they eat spicy food because it feels like their heart is burning. That is a misconception because they have acid reflux while pancarditis is very severe.
• Panchromatic: (adj) - Sensitive (though not equally so) to light of all colors in the visible range.
Ex: The panchromatic film was accidentally exposed to the light and was completely ruined.
• Pancratic: (adj)-Having a mastery of all subjects, universally accomplished.
Ex: The pancratic professor thoroughly showed his students how to speak French, finish a differential calculus problem, make a touchdown, and train a dog all at the same time.
• Pandemia: (n) - Of or belonging to the whole people, public, general.
Ex: The Stanley Hotel is considered a pandemia because it has been in Estes Park since the beginning of the town.
• Pantalgia: (n) - Pain involving the entire body.
Ex: When patients are bitten by the bullet ant they have recorded feelings of pantalgia due to the toxins in the ants’ bite that affect all the nerves in the body.
• Pantaphobia: (n) - Lacking fear, having no fear; an abnormal fearlessness.
Ex: The man had a strange case of pantaphobia. Researchers have put him in a tank with hungry sharks and obtained no reaction.
• Panphobia: (n) - An irrational fear of a nonspecific fear; a fear of everything; a state of general unexplained anxiety.
Ex: The patient had a severe case of panphobia. Researchers put a glass of water in front of him and the patient recorded the fear of the cup holding the water.
• Panacea: (n) – A cure for all diseases.
Ex: The doctors thought that they have found a panacea for all diseases because they have cured many illnesses with one medicine.
• Pantheist: (n) – A person who believes in all gods.
Ex: The pantheist believes in Buddha, Christ, Allah, and Shiva.

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