Tuesday, December 15, 2009


There are three parts to a word. The root, pre-fix, and suffix. Root words are words that go at the beginning of the word. They can help you figure out what the word means if you do not know what the definition of the word actually is. The English language commonly uses many of the Greek and Latin root words. There are tons of root words, more than you are probably aware of. In class we have learned four root words so far, MAGN, PAN, LOC/ LOQ, and BENE.
MAGN is a Latin root word. MAGN means gigantic, or large. You may use words with the root word MAGN more often than you think. For example, in a particular field or business the person with a great amount of influence is the magnate. A popular word, magnificent, means splendid in appearance, and extraordinarily fine. For example, the bride looked magnificent on her wedding day after hours of getting ready for the big day. Also you could say the movie star looked magnificent in her evening gown at the CMA’s and everyone couldn’t keep their eyes off her beauty. A magnanimous person is one that is generous, unselfish, and noble. The magnanimous man gave all the children in the orphanage Christmas gifts because he wanted to spread more generosity. The old lady thanked the magnanimous man for saving her from a car accident, and appreciated that he was generous enough to walk her across the street afterwards. Magnitude means greatness in size or amount, this word can be used for helping readers to understand the size of items or it can be used as a scientific definition; for earthquakes. For example, the magnitude of a volcano was so bit it covered in town in lava. A word can show great distinction under the root word MAGN, magna cum laude. This means graduating college with the highest standard of the diploma. This is a very honorary title and people work very hard for this. A magnifying glass is a commonly used object; it is used to see things more clearly. Many little boys like to use magnifying glasses and the sun to kill ants. The word magnify means increasing the size, volume, or significance. She is scared of heights, and when she was on top of the Eiffel Tower; her fear magnified. An old lady magnified the computer screen so she could read the article on “How to Look Younger in Ten Easy Steps” more clearly. Another commonly used object is a magnet. Magnet means a piece of metal that has a great attraction to another piece of metal. The little kids loved playing with their magnets on the fridge because they could throw them against the fridge and it would stick.
As one can see the root word, MAGN, is a popular and very useful asset to ones vocabulary. It would be useful for people to collaborate these words in their every day vocabulary.
by Jessi

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