Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Root Loc or Loqu


The root word Loc or Loqu means speech or talk.

The bulk of vocabularies in the English language have either a Latin or Greek Etymology. If one has a firm understanding of many different roots in any language, then that person will be able to use common sense and context clues to discover meanings of various different words.

Some example words:
-Loquacious: characterized by excessive talk; wordy
-In the classroom, there were so many different loquacious individuals that, in order to be heard I had to bellow deafeningly and by the time the bell rang my voice was nothing but a murmur.

-Eloquent: characterized by persuasive, powerful and expressive speaking
-The eloquent way, in which the president spoke evoked many responses in the spectators, only a minority of close-minded individuals responded to the speech with anger or violence.

-Elocution: a person’s manner of speaking aloud in public
-The pupil premeditated to greatly improve his elocution before the presentation of his speech; upon which all of his instruction, up to now would determine.

-Soliloquy: 1) a dramatic speech in which a character talks to himself or reveals his thoughts alone onstage 2) The act of speaking to oneself
-The soliloquy of the man, who resides underneath the bridge, often frightens passerbies for the reason that he is rather dynamic and often sadistic in speaking to himself.

-Obloquy: blame, or abusive language aimed at a person especially by many people or by the general public
-The obloquy is rather wretched and connote from an entire nation that can see fit to blame one man for their downfalls, when the powers of that nation subsist in the hands of the people.

A good way to remember what Loc means….

You TALK with your MOUTH

….Loqu will just have to be memorized

By: Brie


  1. The cartoon is the coolest thing ive seen in a while. This was very well done and would be helpful to anyone who would read it.

  2. I really like the cartoon, it is very helpful to remeber the meaning of the word. The picture is very well drawn and I think it looks cool.

  3. nice cartoon!!!! its a great memorization technique!!!!!

  4. A good way to remember, but the cartoon isn't that good. :3