Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Armageddon and The Nostradamus Effect

I have decided to use my vocabulary words in a short story on Armageddon and the Nostradamus Effect. I’m using these words to help teach the reader how to use the words in a story. Hopefully the story will help you understand the words in the story.
65 million years ago the world was home to many species of animals. What they didn’t realize was that a gigantic asteroid was heading for Earth. Based on scientific research scientists have predicted an Armageddon. Today in this world it is possible for Armageddon to happen. It is an irrevocable part of the lives of people on Earth that can’t be stopped because it is the natural part of life and is supposed to happen. Armageddon can bring a huge number of death tolls or even terminate the human race. It can bring a proliferation of deaths around the globe within a matter of minutes, making the human race extinct. Today, all of the power plants and pollution can cause the world to go into a global warming. With the many cars, factories, and power plants these industries can precipitate the Earths atmosphere to spread high heat waves and gases throughout the entire world. In theory this can cause a new ice age. If this does happen a magnitude of people would become estranged from their homes, but they wouldn’t have anywhere to go. People would act maudlin because they would be stranded with no hope. The human race would regress into pre stone-age state without power or anyway to survive. Without hope many people would start to berate God for doing this to the world. After Armageddon has run its course on Earth it would be difficult to hoist scraps from the ground. Armageddon is not an inadvertent event to planet Earth. It’s just the natural part of life for the destruction to happen. All of the events can possibly be sporadic from when it has started to now. From ancient civilizations they have been predicting the end of the world. They believed that the end of the world could happen in 2012. Today, scientists are doing research to see if the legend of 2012 will come true. People think that scientist fritter in their research because people don’t believe that 2012 will happen. Another name for Armageddon is the Nostradamus Effect. Nostradamus was a French doctor and astrologer. He was known for making predictions from Adolf Hitler to the September 11 attacks. Nostradamus has predicted many of natural disasters that could possibly happen. Some of his predictions are ambiguous to many scientist, the predictions have not been clear. When Nostradamus had done studies on the Mayans on when they predicted the end of the world, he also predicted as well. Scientists who don’t agree with Nostradamus think he is inane from all of the predictions that he has done. Some of the predictions that Nostradamus has predicted has so far have been right. Many people are dissident about Nostradamus’s predictions. If Armageddon does happen people all over the world will regress into riots with bad behavior. Only time will tell if Armageddon does happen, in my opinion, we will have to wait and see. Scientist and other researchers are still trying to unlock the Nostradamus Effect; so far some of his predictions have been correct. Who knows what will happen. The earth is still a young planet in our solar system. There are more journeys yet to come for our planet.


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