Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In our class we have learned many Greek and Latin root words. We have learned MAL (bad), VAC (empty), BREV (short), and DICT (say or declare). Learning root words is important because you can figure out words you might not know. Below I have listed the definitions of these and a creative short story incorporating all of the new words we have just learned.
Malign (v): to speak harmful untruths about someone/thing or to speak evil (slander)
Malevolent (adj.): Wishing evil or harm onto others; showing ill will.
Malediction (n): A curse, slander, or statement.
Malice (n): Desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on someone.
Malicious (adj.): Characterized by or showing malice.
Malfeasance (n): The performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified.
Vacuous (adj.): 1.) Emptied of or lacking content. 2.) Marked by lack of ideas or intelligence.
Brevity (n): Shortness of duration; especially shortness or conciseness of expression.
Diction (n): Choice of words especially with regard to correctness, clearness, and effectiveness.
Indict (v): 1.) To charge with a fault of offense criticize or accuse. 2.) To charge with a crime by the finding or presentment of a jury.
Indicative (adj.): Showing, signifying, or suggestive. (Typically following the word “of”)
Dictum (n): An authoritative saying or judicial order.
The Malicious Mayor
Once upon a time there was a malicious mayor who stole money from all of the people in his city. He maligned the people by telling them that their money was going towards a third world country that desperately needed it, when actually he was using it for his own good. He didn’t make enough money to support his opulent lifestyle so he had to con people of their money. The mayor’s dictum was one the people had to listen to; after all you can’t say no to the mayor! The people of the city had a feeling that this was wrong but the brevity in his speeches and his diction gave them no proof. They lost hope and gave up trying to accuse him of a crime that seemed unfeasible. The mayor was malevolent and didn’t stop there! His luxurious lifestyle was so lavish that he needed more money. He asked for money from other cities as well! He told an elaborate story of how the country was struck by a hurricane and it would honorable to make a generous donation. The other cities weren’t vacuous though; they knew the mayor was lying through his teeth because they had not heard or seen any proof about this hurricane. The mayor’s sketchy answers and hasty requests for money were indicative of the fraud. They caught on and soon after the mayor was accused of a malfeasance. The judge in his court was a previous mayor to the same town; he showed no mercy for the stupidity of his crime and punished him to the full extent. His indictment was delivered the next week and he is now in the county jail. The malediction of his new cell mate makes him miserable every day, even the guards have malice towards him for his voracious crime.

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