Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Greek Roots

I have found a few Greek word roots that I would like to share. I will tell you what the root word means, a few words that use the root, and example sentences for the words.

Sent-/Sens meaning feel

Sentiment (noun) – showing feeling towards something
Ex: The boy had a strong sentiment of love toward the girl that he had a crush on.
Sensation (noun) – a feeling of excitement
Ex: The movie, Avatar, was such a sensation that it blew the crowd away.
Resent (verb) – to feel displeasure from a sense of injury
Ex: The boy’s girlfriend resented him after he had insulted her outfit.
Sensory (adjective) – pertaining to senses
Ex: Blind people may not have sight but they have four other heightened senses in their sensory system.

Scrib/Script meaning write

Scribble (verb) – meaningless writings or drawings
Ex: My mom scribbles words carelessly to make notes for herself.
Subscribe (verb) - to buy by signing an agreement for something in return.
Ex: Most businesses subscribe to a newspaper so their customers can read them as they wait.
Manuscript (noun) – a manually written document
Ex: The author wrote a manuscript to the publisher of his publishing company.
Scribe (noun) – a person who writes documents for other people.
Ex: The king’s scribe had written over five hundred drafts of the king’s speech to his court talking about the problems of the kingdom.

Levi meaning light

Levity (noun) - lightness of mind or lack of seriousness
Ex: During class, my friends and I have levity, because we always are messing around.
Alleviate (verb) – to lessen intensity
Ex: The school nurse tried to alleviate the pain of the headache by giving the student a pain killer.
Levitate (verb) - to float in the air
Ex: In fictional movies, some people will levitate in the air as they meditate.

Dura meaning hard/long-lasting

Durable (adjective) - lasting through wear and tear.
Ex: The backpack was so durable that it could withstand all of the student’s binders for four school years.
Duration (noun) – extended period of time
Ex: The keynote speaker said that the audience could not use their phone for the duration of the three day conference.
Endure (verb) - to hold out against
Ex: The boy could no longer endure his opponent’s insults so he went to go tell the teacher.

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  1. I have to say that although your facts are correct, two other posts on this blog do a great job with color and bolding to make the key words stand out. It may be something to think about in future posts.

  2. What a good variety of words! You even found the meaning of your name and different words containing it!