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VOC means Sound or Speaking


VOC means sound or speaking. VOC is the Greek/Latin root word. There are many root words that we have learned. For instance, Vol, Bel, SAT or SATIS, TEN, VIT or VIV and FUS. This root word will help you if you see any word that have a root word VOC in the word you will know that the word is about sound or speaking. Here are some words and the examples that have a root word VOC.

Equivocal (adjective): Allowing the possibility of several different meanings.
-Politicians are famed for providing equivocal answers to straight questions.
-One of a student in my classroom has an equivocal answer; he doesn’t know the answer when the teacher asks him.

Equivocate (Verb): to use ambiguous or unclear expressions, usually to avoid commitment or in order to mislead.
-When asked for his opinion on the death penalty he equivocated.
-The suspect equivocates when a police ask him the question.

Vociferous (adjective): crying out noisily; clamorous.
-A vociferous scream reverberated off the nearby walls.
-His son always makes a vociferous noise and it is annoying me when I hear it.

Provocative (adjective): tending or serving to provoke or incite.
-Carol asked a question in class that was so controversial the teacher thought it was too provocative to discuss.
-My provocative conversation makes my friend punches on my face.

Convocation (Noun): a group of people gathered in answer to a summons; assembly.
-My friends who studied in high school come into the convocation for meeting.
-One of my colleague was fired; he usually comes late for the convocation.

Evocative (adjective): tending to evoke.
-The movie was so evocative that I cried.
-The picture that my son draws is so evocative of my past.

Vocalize (Verb): to make vocal; utter articulate; sing; to endow with a voice; cause to utter.
- I feel so impressed that the singers could vocalize the music perfectly.
-My sister’s band has the best singer in the world; he vocalizes the melodious music.

My older brother is a bad boy; he usually skips the class and never does his homework. When the teacher asks him a question, he always has an equivocal answer. He likes to annoy me. When his provocative conversation makes me angry, I malign to my father that he harms to me and when he asks, my brother equivocates. My father punishes him by incarcerating him in his room for 3 days. When I walk past his room, I hear a vociferous noise from his room. I think he is vocalizing but he is crying. It is so evocative that I laugh. My father interdicts me from opening his door but he is going to the convocation in that time. I open it to talk to him and finally, I condone his behavior.

These are the examples of the root word VOC. It’s very useful if you remember all of these words or you can just remember the root word VOC which means sound. So if you see any word that has a root word VOC, remember it means SOUND OR SPEAKING.

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