Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Penelope Kapusta

Hi I’m Erika, and this story is about a girl named Penelope who is practically the perfect women and lives the perfect life. She achieved everything she wanted in life. The point of this story was to use the root words Viv-Vit which means to be alive or full of life, to be lively. The root words, relate to the personality of the main character, Penelope.

Penelope Kapusta is a 23 year old woman who lives in New York, New York. Her father is the owner of Virgin records and her husband is the guitar player for Three Days Grace. Penelope isn’t your typical type of girl. When you see her, you see a beautiful tall brunette sense of fashion and charm. Her personality is full of vitality; she’s always smiling and lively. Because of her vivacious personality and beauty inside and out, she was named Miss Latina 2010. She now has a contract with Victoria Secret, which means she travels all over the world. She’s been everywhere, to L.A to Tokyo and Madrid.

People quickly fall in love with her. She is full of love, joy, peace, patience, and most important of them all is that she respects herself. There’s one thing about her personality that makes her stand out the most, she has a relationship with Jesus Christ. She’s known Jesus since the day she was born. She tries the best to spread his gospel. She knows how vital it is to spread his word. It’s for people to have a revival in their life. Her and her husband used to go to random places and sing Christian songs. Joe, her husband, plays the guitar and she sings. She has a very beautiful voice. It’s very similar o Christina’s Aguilera’s. Their favorite song to sing is “I want to hold your hand”, the Across the Universe version, She sings that song perfectly. One time a teenage girl started to cry because of the beauty of her voice. She got asked if she wanted a record deal, and she’s working on it now.

On February 14, Valentines Day, Penelope and Joe went to a retirement home to sing for the old folks. It was such a special day, in the middle of the song, everyone got in couples and began to dance. After the show, Joe gave her a kiss in front of all the audience, and sang her a song on how much he loved her while playing his guitar.

Penelope finally finished her album. When it got out, it was #1 on the billboard charts for a month. She quickly became famous and was loved by everyone. She was on every Magazine cover. She became a world sensation along with her husband Joe. They would go to every award show together. They would both be nominated for different categories. On the Grammies, Penelope was nominated 8 times. She took four awards that night. The message on her songs was always about love and peace. It had rhythm and beat. She did a world tour. It was the first time she was away from her husband. They’d call each other every night. They missed each other very much.

On March 20, it was to be their anniversary. They were going to meet each other in Italy Rome. Joe was very romantic; he wanted to take Penelope to Italy because that was her favorite place to go. Joe decided to get her a cute, white, fluffy puppy for their anniversary. Penelope wanted one very badly. Penelope bought him a car. When Penelope saw the puppy, she almost broke in tears. She named him Jebus.

When they received a break from their tours, they went back home. When they arrived there, they noticed Jebus was coughing out blood so Joe and Penelope had to take him to the vet. He had a bad disease and had to have a vivisection to fix the problem. Jebus got saved. With the money that Penelope and Joe won, they donated it to save a pet foundation. They continued their careers and made more albums and won more awards. They were both a happy couple for the rest of their lives.

Vitality: exuberant physical strength or mental vigor, full of life.
Vivacious: Full of animation and spirit; lively
Vital: of critical importance
Revival: restoration to life
Vivisection: the action of cutting into or dissecting a living body

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