Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Over the coarse of the trimester, I have spent a lot of the time in a class called Advance word power. In this class we learned many thing such as roots. But the newest thing that we have learned is prefixes. Prefixes are an affix placed before a base of a word. Below is a list of prefixes and their meaning;

a/an- Without

ab/abs - away

ad/ac/af/ag/an/ap/ar/ar/as/at- Toward

ambi- both

ante- before

anthro- man

anti- against

arm- weapon

audio- sound

auto- moving

biblio- book

bio- self

cata- down

circum- around

co- together

con/com- come together

cred- belief

de- down, away

demi- half

dia- across

dis/dys- bad

ex- out

extra/exter- outside

frate- brother

geo- earth

graph- record

hetero- different

homo- the same

hyper- excessive

ideo- idea

idios- one’s own

in- in/ not

inter- between

legis- law

liber- free

micro- small

mis - wrong

mono- one

mortis- death

neo- new

non- not

omni- all

pat- father

ped- walking

poly - many

post- after

pre - before

re- again

semi- part

sol- alone

subter- underground

super- extra

syn- together

tele- distance

trans- across

un- not

uni- one

vert/vers- all around

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