Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Many of English words come from many other languages and cultures. We use them every day and don't realize how each word comes from. The word Fus is another root word of English which comes from the Latin makes up many words means pour. Here are nine meanings and examples for Fus.
1. Effuse (Verb) – To pour out or forth.
o He effuses warmth and friendliness.
o Maria effuses her knowledge in science class.

2. Effusive (Adjective) – Unduly demonstrative, lacking reserve.
o My ant is a very effusive person and gushes and gushes about how good you look when she meet you.
o Normally phlegmatic hacks find themselves melting into rivulets of tears and effusive praise.
o They can vary from small exotic arrangements to large effusive ones.

3. Profuse (Adjective) – Abundant; in great amount; extravagant.
o No wonder that dancing and profuse perspiration was esteemed a necessary add-on to feeding!
o He spends profuse amounts of money on cloths.
o I apologized profusely after bumping into other shopping and knocking her over.

4. Profusion (Noun) – Abundance or large amount.
o There was a profusion of flowers at the Botanical Garden.
o It is rated one of the top game reserves in the world with a unique profusion of wildlife.
o A profusion of rich pink flowers cover the plant in summer.

5. Diffuse (Verb) – To spread out thinly or widely.
o Sun light is diffused when it shined through glass.
o More recently his research has concerned with water quality in relation to diffuse pollution and its mitigation through the completion of best management practice.
o We feel addressing the problems with a structured and planned strategy for the future will diffuse the pension time bomb.

6. Confuse (Verb) – to make something unable to think clearly or understand.
o The rumors and angry charges tended to confuse the issue.
o The result just leaves the viewer confused as to what the show is trying to be.
o Everyone were confused why John dead.

7. Fusillade (Noun) - A simultaneous or rapid and continuous discharge of many firearms.
o In addition to the slaying of Super Man, the member of the audience was wounded by the fusillade of shots.
o He commenced a regular fusillade on the house, smashing nearly the whole of the windows, besides damaging the framework.
o An assassin makes a Fusillade into the president house; he was lucky because he went shopping.

8. Fusion (Noun) - A fusing or melting together.
o Like all stars, the sun generates its energy by a nuclear process known as thermonuclear fusion.
o An excellent fusion of funk, Latin and jazz which took his audience into the early hours of the morning.
o This is equally the case with back specialists, many of whom still favor spinal fusion for chronic low back pain.

9. Suffuse (V) – To spread all over or through something.
o Massive numbers of factual errors suffuse the book, which make it a veritable minefield.
o The light is suffused with color from a couple of notable windows in the north aisle.
o The whole film has the feeling of being projected at two-thirds speed, so suffused is it with this overwhelming sense of ponderousness.

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