Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Witch on the Hill

So far, I have learned many vocabulary words that I did not know before. The class I am in has taught me so many facts about words, such as the roots and just the meaning of them. I have enjoyed learning and putting together these vocabulary words, so I would like to share a story I have written including some of the words I have learned. I hope you get a laugh out of it as well as learn some new vocabulary words!
Up on a hill there lived a little witch. She wore pointed shoes and had green skin. She wore a big purple gown that went to her toes. Her proliferation of zits scares every kid. She had witch ingredients such as eyeballs and worms. In the middle of her house stood a six foot cauldron. It had purple liquid that bubbled into thin air. Some would think she was vacuous, not having a brain. She doesn’t act very smart, but what witch does? Hurting all ears nearby with her discordant voice, she uses maledictions to hurt all the little children. If you can’t tell by now, he witch hates all kids. She is usually malevolent when they go Trick-or-Treating. She lives far away from the city, so she enjoys the brevity of her visitors.
The children that come by get scared, even though they act pompous. They go around her house, trying to spy on her. They get curious and want to see one of her spells in action. They think she doesn’t see them, but she does. Since the witch doesn’t like them, the children don’t like her back. She will play tricks on the children every now and then. Sometimes, turning them into a frog for the day, or even giving them lice. She is not very nice. The malice of the kids makes them want to do damage to her. They’re kids, so they can’t do much harm. Even though they are provocative towards the witch with their evil schemes, the children still want to indict her for being a witch. The days go on, and the evil witch still lives at her house. Only coming out on Halloween.
So, now you see how those different vocabulary words can be put together. Remember try to include detail of the word you’re using, into your sentence. That will always help the reader to understand the word more. I hope this helps you on your way to learning bigger vocabulary.

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