Thursday, October 8, 2009

Festive Seasonal Vocabulary

This is the magical festive blog of All Hallows Eve. We are Jeffery and Brittney. We will go over the festive vocabulary used during these seasonal times. There are many magical festive words that are used during this season that not everyone understands fully.
First we will start with a little Halloween background information. Halloween originated with the Celts. It was the last day of summer and beginning of winter, which was often linked to death. The Celts believe the line between life and death was blurry on this day, and they celebrated Samhain, the day when ghosts returned to earth. They would light sacred bonfires and dress up in animal skins.
Now we shall start off with the festive vocabulary. The next few words are some creatures associated with this season. There is a definition and sentence for each.
Arachnid: any wingless, carnivorous arthropod of the class Arachnida such as spiders and scorpions. An example of arachnid in a sentence would be “An arachnid with eight long hairy legs was nibbling on my toes whilst I slept.”
Ghoul: an evil demon, originally of Oriental legend, supposed to feed on human beings, and especially to rob graves, prey on corpses, etc. Now that you know what ghouls like to do and their origin, you can use them in a profusion of sentences! An example might be, “I really hope the ghouls stay away from my grave when I die, because I’m going to be buried with some of my positions.”
Poltergeist: a ghost or spirit supposed to manifest its presence by noises, knockings, etc. “Peeves is a poltergeist at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he wreaks havoc by throwing things about.”
Zombie: the body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less, by a supernatural force, usually for some evil purpose. “The undead zombies attacked Marvin and devoured his succulent brain through a straw that was purple and twisty.”
Apparition: a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, esp. a ghost; a specter or phantom. “The children were scared out of their wits when they discovered an apparition appeared and devoured their shoes.”
Inferi: Originated from Harry Potter and usually is not used outside of the Harry Potter world. They are corpses animated and controlled by a magical spell. “Harry forgot that the Inferi fear fire, and nearly died a horrible, slimy death.
Warlock: a man who practices the black arts; a male witch; sorcerer; demon. “I wish I was a warlock because I would like to turn my sister into a slimy little toad.”
Now that we have gone over some ghastly creatures, we shall discuss a few other terms relating to this festive magical season.
Eerie: Inspiring a feeling of fear; strange and frightening. “As Skye ran away from Inferi through the eerie, foggy swamp, he tripped over a root from a weeping willow tree and died a mucky death.
Tombstone: a stone marker, usually inscribed on a tomb or grave. “I have always been afraid of tombstones because I dreamed that one grew legs, left its grave, and chased me down the street.”
Well that’s all for the festive Halloween blog. I hope you enjoyed it and will use these words more properly this year and perhaps learned some new festive words. Have a fun and safe festive magical season!

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